Friday 30 March 2012

Top Cancer Causing Foods-Cancer Cell Growth-Pancreatic Cancer-Cancer Growth

Top Cancer Causing Foods "Cancer Preventing Foods

Top cancer causing foods:Sweetened drinks: it’s been shown that people whom consume two or more servings of soda per week have an astonishing 87% higher chance of developing pancreatic cancer!Fried foods: this includes potato related foods such as french fries, tater tots, potato chips and hash browns. This is due to acrylamide which is created during the frying process at high temperatures. Acrylamide causes tumors and has detrimental effects on the brain as well as the reproductive system.Process meats and bacon: these products contain sodium nitrite (aka nitrate), an ingredient added by manufactures to give the meats the pink or what is considered “fresh” look to them. When digested, sodium nitrites convert in the body to something called nitrosamine, a known carcinogen. When meats are cooked at high temperatures, a cancer causing toxin equivalent to burning tobacco develops.Doughnuts: these cute little rings of deliciousness are high in sugar and refined carbs, not to mention deep-fried! They contain hydrogenated oils which create trans fat, known to be associated with heart disease and cancer.Snacks such as chips and cookies: these treats are full of refined sugars, trans fats and white flour. Look out!Top cancer preventing foods:Leafy vegetables, broccoli: Let’s start with the more obvious choice, leafy vegetables such as cabbage, kale, and most importantly, broccoli. These cute little green trees help to fight off stomach, liver, skin, lung, bladder, prostate, and breast cancers. Broccoli contains sulforaphane, an antioxidant that rids the body of cancer-causing toxins. Simply put eat broccoli as much as possible. Toss it in your salad, rice, and stir fry.
Berries: All types of berries are beneficial to your health. Black raspberries fight off skin, oral, colon, and esophageal cancers. They contain anthocyanins, antioxidants that slow the growth of premalignant cells.
Garlic; isn’t just for keeping vampires away, it helps keep cancer away too. When consuming certain red meats, nitrates are injested, forming carcinogens in the stomach. Garlic helps slow down this process and fight stomach, esophageal, breast, and colon cancers. Crush up some garlic and add to your tomato sauce for a cancer fighting double whammy!
Tomatoes; contain lycopene, which has been shown to stop cancer cell growth according to research. The sure fire way to increase lycopene is by cooking tomatoes. So whip up some of your own sauce or tomato stew and ward off lung, cancer, prostate, and endometrial cancers.
Walnuts; are great for fighting both breast and prostate cancers. Adding just an ounce of walnuts a day will help to keep the cancer away.Beans: Navy and black beans help delay cancer growth of breast and colon cancers. Add a half a cup to your diet a week for a natural colon cleanse!
As always, stay away from animal fats, processed meat, and excessive amounts of alcohol. read more..

Thursday 29 March 2012

Dream Running Shoes

What do your dream running shoes look like? And more importantly, how do they fi...

What do your dream running shoes look like? And more importantly, how do they fit? Now it's your call: Design YOUR perfect pair with this app from Nike! (SPONSORED) read more..

Processed Food-Lean Protein-Real Food-Aww

- Gotta love Doctor Who. :D-  Eat more real food, fruit,...

- Gotta love Doctor Who. :D-  Eat more real food, fruit, veggies & lean protein. Cut out processed food, drink more water. Simple and effective way.- Aww thanks!- You can do cardio + strength, try to run, elliptical ( 20 minutes ) you can do P90X or Jillian M dvds. read more..

Wednesday 28 March 2012

What do you think of these editor-designed kicks? (She definitely loves bold col...

What do you think of these editor-designed kicks? (She definitely loves bold col...

What do you think of these editor-designed kicks? (She definitely loves bold colors!) Create your own pair using the Nike Free Run iD app here! (SPONSORED)
HootSuite Photos read more..

Perfect Space-Nutrition-Exercise

Don't have time to make it to the yoga studio? Create a perfect space for your p...

Don't have time to make it to the yoga studio? Create a perfect space for your practice at home!
Exercise, Nutrition, Fitness and Workout Videos | Fitbie
Watch free online videos about dieting, weight loss, exercise & fitness, nutrition, and personal stories for your best body ever. read more..

Starvation Mode-Weight Watchers-Calories

hi! i'm 5'6, 19 yrs old, 152 lbs and for the past 2 yrs i've lost been using weight watchers to control what i eat (i've lost 40 pounds!), but i've plateaued for the past 8 or so months, going up and down a few pounds each month and i'm ready to try something new. my friends have suggested that i might be taking in too few calories on the ww diet (~1300 per day) and my body is in starvation mode,

First CONGRATS on -40 pounds! You can read — to “zigzag” your caloric intake that can help you, I don’t think 1300 is little it only depends if you and how much do you exercise. read more..

Rare Lung Disease-Golden Doodle-Best Friend-Oxygen Tank-Dog

Girl’s best friend is dog who carries her oxygen After...

Girl’s best friend is dog who carries her oxygen
After their daughter was diagnosed with a rare lung disease, the Knobloch family had to figure out how their little girl would be able to carry a portable oxygen tank everywhere she went. Mr. Gibbs, a golden doodle puppy, came to their rescue.“They weren’t sure they wanted to go with a golden doodle,” Kinsleigh told “But she went crazy for him.”“His job is to go wherever she goes and do whatever she does,” Kinsleigh explains. “If she wants to get on the bike and go down the driveway he has to learn to run alongside. If she’s going to ride on a slide, he has to learn to climb up and slide down behind her.” read more..

Sunday 25 March 2012


Blog is on short hiatus from 23.03.’12 till 30.03.’12.

After I get back I will change some things on blog ( like new theme, domain and new pages ).Be sure to go to archive for some great posts you want / need something ask me I will answer all FB asks and my inbox when I get back.Love you all! Cami read more..

Are your legs ready for spring? Get them into shorts-shape with these pylometric...

Are your legs ready for spring? Get them into shorts-shape with these pylometric...

Are your legs ready for spring? Get them into shorts-shape with these pylometric moves!
Get Some Spring in Your Step | Fitbie
Sculpt your legs for shorter hemlines—and get faster and stronger in the process—with these explosive, plyometric moves read more..

Make the most of your weekend--and drop a few pounds in the process! These healt...

Make the most of your weekend--and drop a few pounds in the process! These healthy tricks are perfect for your 48 hours of freedom.
11 Ways to Lose Weight This Weekend | Fitbie
The arrival of Saturday and Sunday doesn’t have to throw a wrench in your weight loss—a little fine-tuning will keep you on track read more..

Genetic Condition-Werewolf

Happy ‘werewolf’ girl says she’s proud to be...

Happy ‘werewolf’ girl says she’s proud to be specialThe world’s hairiest girl suffers from Ambras syndrome, a genetic condition marked by excess hair on the face and body. But this lively, determined 11-year-old Thai girl isn’t letting her condition hold her back from anything.“It’s the way I am,” Nat said in an interview with TODAY. “I don’t even think about it.” read more..

Saturday 24 March 2012

Peanut Butter-Protein Bars-Moskovitz-Calories

Most Dangerous Health Foods

“Protein bars are basically vitamin and protein-infused candy bars,” says Moskovitz. “They seem like a healthy snack replacement, but they can contain more than twice the amount of fat and carbs as a chocolate brownie.” To steer clear of needless calories, look for options that have less than 180 calories and 5 grams fat, and provide at least 5 grams of fiber.
With more than 100 calories per ¼ cup serving, calories can add up quickly when you’re eating dried fruit. Antonucci recommends reaching for fresh or frozen fruits instead. “You’ll be able to eat a larger, more satisfying serving for fewer calories and feel fuller from the fluids,” Antonucci says.
Yogurt in any form is a good source of calcium and vitamin D. But some brands have as much fat and sugar as a jelly-donut. Be sure you’re only getting the good stuff by choosing plain, low-fat versions. Flavor them on your own with fruit and honey. And go Greek when you can. Plain Greek Yogurt offers twice as much protein and half the amount of carbs as the traditional type, Moskovitz says.
In a head-to-head battle between butter and its artificial competitor, the original wins by a landslide. Sure, the spreads have the same number of calories, but Margarine has more trans fat, which simultaneously raises your “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and lowers “good” (HDL) cholesterol, according to the Mayo Clinic. “That’s the one ingredient we dietitians recommend to avoid completely,” Moskovitz says. To limit your risk of heart disease, stick with the real stuff. And choose whipped butter, which has a lower caloric density.
Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter
When manufacturers take fat out of peanut butter, they replace it with sugars. As a result, reduced-fat peanut butter has the same total calories as the original, but more than twice the amount of carbs. “It’s better to stick with the regular stuff,” Moskovitz says. “You’ll eat less, because the full-fat version is more satisfying and filling.”
“Think of these as a decadent treat, not a healthy coffee companion,” says Antonucci. A typical bran muffin has more than 400 calories and up to 15 grams of fat, with most of the calories coming from sugar and refined flour. Can’t skip your morning muffin? The best bet is to make a lower-fat, portion controlled version at home, Antonucci says.
Fat-Free Salad Dressing
If you’re watching your blood pressure, steer clear of this stuff. “In just two measly tablespoons of fat-free Italian dressing, you take in up to 500mg of blood-pressure-raising sodium,” Moskovitz says. “That’s a third of the total amount you should eat in an entire day.” Instead, she recommends making your own low-salt dressing by combining balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and flavor-packed seasonings like pepper, turmeric and mustard seed.
Many people think that ordering a turkey burger instead of beef will keep them slim. Don’t be fooled. The average restaurant-style turkey burger has more than 600 calories and 30 grams of fat – and that’s without the bun or toppings. “The next time you’re wondering which burger to choose, don’t worry about the type of meat,” Moskovitz says. “Instead, limit your portion size by sharing it with a friend, or going open-faced.”
Sushi rolls can be deceiving, because they’re packed tightly and look small, but some are calorie bombs just waiting to blow up your waistline. A single roll can pack more than 500 calories. To steer clear of these calorie-dense tripwires, Moskovitz recommends avoiding any roll that includes these ingredients: tempura (which is another word for deep fried), cream cheese, shredded cheese, or spicy mayo sauce. read more..

Swimsuit Season-Body-Zs

Catch up on your Zs! People who slept 1 hour and 20 minutes less than usual ate...

Catch up on your Zs! People who slept 1 hour and 20 minutes less than usual ate an average of 549 calories MORE per day. (That's a Bic Mac, people.)
Sleep Less, Eat More | Fitbie
A new study finds that cutting back on sleep may increase how much you eat read more..

The countdown to swimsuit season is on! Take 15 minutes for your abs and blast b...

The countdown to swimsuit season is on! Take 15 minutes for your abs and blast belly fat with this workout.
The (15-Minute) Belly Blasting Workout | Fitbie
Got a crazy-busy schedule? No worries (and no excuses!). This supercharged workout tones and trims your tummy in a flash read more..

"I often debate whether to accept and love my body as it is or whether it has to...

"I often debate whether to accept and love my Body as it is or whether it has to be thin before I can love and accept it. I decide that today is an occasion for unconditional self acceptance."
Not the Littlest Leprechaun | Fitbie
One woman's journey to losing 100 pounds! read more..


Facebook launches brand Timelines on TODAY Most Facebook users...

Facebook launches brand Timelines on TODAY Most Facebook users have been switched over to the Timeline at this point, so it should be no surprise that brands — such as companies, TV shows or bands — are now finally able to convert their fan pages into Timelines as well. Facebook made this news official in an exclusive announcement on the TODAY Show on Wednesday.First! read more..

Friday 23 March 2012

Liquid Meal Replacement-High Carbohydrate Diet-10Km Race-Race Day

Tips for running your first race

What to eat on race day
You don’t need to carbo-load for a 10km race run in about 60 minutes – all your nutritional needs should already be met. So follow your moderate to high carbohydrate diet until two days before race day. The day before race day switch to a low-fibre diet (white bread, white rice, low-fibre cereal) and avoid very spicy foods – and dairy if necessary.
On race day, eat a light carbohydrate meal or snack about two hours before the race, like cereal or porridge with low fat milk; or toast with jam or honey. If you’re not hungry, have a liquid meal replacement. You shouldn’t eat or drink anything that you haven’t tried out before. And drink some fluid with your pre-race meal so you start the race well hydrated.
Once you’ve warmed up and stretched, have about 300 – 500ml of cold fluid about five minutes before the start of the race. If it’s a hot day and you’re running 10km in more than 60 minutes, you might need to drink about once during the race. Make sure you drink enough fluids after the race, and enjoy a salty snack.
Entering the race
If you want to avoid registration queues, get to the race at least 45 minutes before the start. This will give you time to find parking, and go to the toilet, if you’re the nervous type.
If you have a Temp license, pin it to the front of your vest with the safety pins provided.
Start the race middle- to near-back otherwise you might be ploughed down by enthusiastic elite runners who start at a cracking pace.
Running the race
Start at a comfortable pace, and try not to rush off because of all the adrenaline flowing. You’ll tire and run out of steam too early.
Water/coke stations
There will be a couple of refreshment tables on the run. Feel free to walk and take a drink (and catch your breath), before you head off again. Some runners drink and run – see how you feel.
Save enough energy so that you can run down the finishing straight and cross the line with head up high. What a feeling!
The idea of ‘race day’ can be pretty daunting for newbies, so we’ve gathered some advice from a few seasoned runners.
Don’t worry about finishing last
Nearly everyone worries about coming last, but it’s probably not going to happen – especially if you’ve prepared.
Choose your clothing carefully
Wear what you’ve trained in so you know it works. The rule is ‘nothing new on race day’, and that includes your sports bra, socks, shoes and running shorts.
It’s your first race so you don’t have a personal time to beat. Just focus on getting through and finishing – and most of all, enjoy it!
In the days before a race, vary your diet with nongrain carb sources, such as fruits and starchy vegetables, to benefit from a wider range of nutrients. read more..

Exercise Routine-Water Bottle-Dehydration

Generally I stop working out when I start feeling nauseated. Even when I stop for a minute and try to go back the feeling just comes back and it's very uncomfortable-am I doing something wrong or is there a way to prevent this? I drink water while I work out and it doesn't happen all the time, obviously only when I push myself really hard.

Try to eat 30 minutes before you start your exercise, also dehydration is one of the most common causes of feeling nauseous after exercising. To keep from becoming dehydrated, you should try to drink a minimum of two cups of water roughly two hours before you start your exercise routine. 20 minutes before you begin your routine, you should drink 2 more cups of water. While you are exercising, you should also keep a water bottle nearby. During exercise, you should drink around half a cup of water for every ten to fifteen minutes of your exercise routine. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to avoid becoming dehydrated, and to avoid the nausea that comes with dehydration. read more..

Thursday 22 March 2012

Weight Watchers-High School

I used to be extremely active in high school and didn't have to worry much about what I ate because I was always burning off all the calories I ate. I was on a year round swim team that practiced 2-4 hours a day 6 days a week. Now, I'm three years into college and I've put on SO much weight. I feel very hopeless about it all. I keep starting weight watchers and I'll stick to it long enough to lose

Believe it or not I was extremely active till high school I trained for 10 years and then just stopped everything. Start with light exercise ( walk, do 1 set of exercise ) , after 3 weeks start with weights, add more sets and run. About food really try to eat more fresh food and avoid processed it will help you not only to lose weight but to get healthy. read more..


The easiest way to stall your weight loss: Get injured. Prevent pesky injuries w...

The easiest way to stall your weight loss: Get injured. Prevent pesky injuries with these core-strengthening moves!
Core Moves to Prevent Pesky Injuries | Fitbie
These four Pilates-inspired exercises will strengthen your trunk and fend off running injuries next time you hit the road read more..

Basketball Practice-Lady Volunteers-Ncaa Tournament-Yellow Peppers-Strep Throat

Summitt's future uncertain, Lady Vols eye NCAA run

Pat Summitt isn't sure she'll coach Tennessee beyond this season. So if the Lady Volunteers are looking for some extra motivation, there it is. read more..

I just spent a week in bed with strep throat! Today was my best day - I managed to walk downstairs without getting too dizzy. What's the best way to get back into exercise after being very sick?

Fluids: When you are sick, make sure you are getting enough to drink. Nothing will get you better faster than staying hydrated.
Increase vitamin C intake:Eat red peppers, yellow peppers, grapefruit or oranges.
Slow Down: Listen to your body.  If you are still feeling the slightest bit sick, no matter how bad you think you should be at the gym- stay home, if you push yourself you will be sicker longer. read more..

American Heart Association-Body Fat Percentage-Cardio Workouts-Women

hi Camilla... i have this apple-shaped body and it's so hard for me to get a little bit skinny legs. so, when i lose weight, my tummy looks smaller but my legs don't change that much. any suggestions for me?

You look like pear-shaped ?Try;Cardio
In order to tone the pear-shaped body, it is important to keep the body fat percentage down. Cardio workouts are the best way to burn fat. Women with pear-shaped bodies have more body fat in the lower half of the body and need to incorporate cardio exercise into the workout to burn the excess fat. The recommendation by the American Heart Association, is that cardio exercise be done an average of 60 minutes several days per week. Additionally, women should incorporate interval training at least one time per week to boost maximum calorie burning. By following these guidelines, pear-shaped women will have better success at achieving toning goals.
Toning exercises are an obviously necessary part of toning the pear-shaped body. Concentration on the abdomen, hips, and thighs is especially necessary since these are typically the problem areas for this body type. Squats, hip extensions and crunches are all excellent toning exercises for these areas. Walking lunges are also a great way to burn calories while toning the thighs and buttocks. These exercises don’t require any special equipment and can be done virtually anywhere.
Squats are done by standing with feet shoulder length apart and pushing the buttocks out as if to sit, but standing back up before fully in the seated position. Weight should be on the heels to get the toning in the glutes and hamstrings. Lunges are done by stepping one leg forward and bending at both knees, keeping the weight on the front leg, and then getting back to a standing position. Repeat three sets of twenty lunges on each leg.
To achieve best results, women should plan on scheduling toning exercises four times per week.
Stretching is important to keep the body in optimal shape for the next workout. Tight muscles that have not been properly stretched before or after a workout can lead to injury. Begin at the top of the body and stretch the neck while taking deep breaths. Move down the length of the body, stretching each major muscle group: shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest, hamstrings and calves. Stretching will lengthen and loosen tight muscles, allowing better flexibility during all physical activities. read more..

Half Marathon Training Schedule-Start Training

Nothing (and we mean NOTHING) motivates you to train hard & eat smart like a rac...

Nothing (and we mean NOTHING) motivates you to train hard & eat smart like a race. Start training for a half marathon here!
Half-Marathon Jumpstart: Half Marathon Training Schedule and Running Program | Fitbie
Challenge yourself mentally and physically—sign up for a half-marathon. Start training today with the 2-week Runner's World Half-Marathon Jumpstart program. read more..


Your running shoes should inspire you! Design your dream pair using the Nike Fre...

Your running shoes should inspire you! Design your dream pair using the Nike Free Run iD app--we did! read more..

Creative Director-Cottage Cheese-Soy Milk-Banana

SPONSORED: Check out these cool kicks designed our creative director, Paul. (The...

SPONSORED: Check out these cool kicks designed our creative director, Paul. (They're Fitbie themed!) You can create your own dream shoe using the Nike Free Run iD app here:
HootSuite Photos read more..

hi! i'm going to be exercising tomorrow for the first time in a year and a half, i was wondering what should i eat that will fill me up and help me lose more weight?

You mean before/after exercise, try Banana, soy milk ( vanilla or chocolate ), cottage cheese anything with good portion of carbs / protein. read more..

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Cruciferous Vegetables-Normal Blood Pressure-Essential Mineral-Health Benefits-Glucose Levels

Health benefits of white fruits and vegetables

BananaA cup of banana supplies 467 mg of potassium, an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function. Consuming a banana a day may help prevent blood pressure and protect against atherosclerosis. This fruit is known for its antacid effects, protecting the stomach against ulcers and ulcer damage. It also contains pectin, which can help normalize the movement through the digestive tract and ease constipation. Other health benefits include: reduction of depression and stroke risk, build better bones and promote kidney health.OnionsThe health benefits of this kitchen staple are sometimes overlooked or not known. Studies are focused on their quercetin, flavonoids, chromium, natural prebiotics and GPCS content. Quercetin has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties; they may also help reduce symptoms of fatigue, depression and anxiety. Chromium helps cells respond to insulin to decrease glucose levels, improve glucose tolerance, lower insulin levels, and decrease cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is also a natural cure for PMS. A peptide compound recently identified in onions known as GPCS has been found to help maintain healthy bones by inhibiting the activity osteoclasts–the cells that break down bone.CauliflowerThe cauliflower is a treasure-trove of good things. The health benefits of this broccoli relative include: promotion of liver detoxification due to its sulfur-containing phytonutrients; cell detoxification optimization, protection against rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular benefits.  Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower contain compounds that stop enzymes from activating cancer-causing agents in the body. A cup of cauliflower supplies excellent amount of vitamins C and K, folate and dietary fiber. They are also loaded with B complex and other essential nutrients.PotatoesPotatoes, the number one vegetable crop in the world is a very good source of vitamin C, a good source of vitamin B6, copper, potassium, manganese, tryptophan and fiber. One new analytical method has identified 60 different kinds of phytochemicals and vitamins in the skin and flesh of potatoes including flavonoids, quercetin and kukoamines. Anyone avoiding potatoes because they think it is fattening is missing out its blood pressure lowering potential and cardiovascular protection. Its vitamin B6 is also good for athletic performance and endurance and normal brain cell and nervous system activity.GarlicGarlic is overflowing with a variety of powerful sulfur-containing compounds such as thiosulfinates (of which the best known compound is allicin), sulfoxides (among which the best known compound is alliin), and dithiin (in which the most researched compound is ajoene) which are not only responsible for its characteristically pungent strong odor but also the source of its many health-promoting effects including its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-viral power. The same compounds together with the garlic’s other nutrients like vitamins B6 and C, tryptophan, selenium, phosphorous and calcium are also beneficial for weight control, and cardiovascular and cancer protection and promoting optimum health. A cup of garlic supplies an excellent amount of the mineral manganese which aids in the formation of connective tissue, bones, blood-clotting factors, and sex hormones and plays a role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, calcium absorption, and blood sugar regulation. read more..

Lunch Break-Workouts

Get fit on your lunch break! These 4 easy workouts take 15 minutes or less and a...

Get fit on your lunch break! These 4 easy Workouts take 15 minutes or less and are perfect for the office.
Lunch-Hour Fit | Fitbie
There’s no better way to ward off the afternoon doldrums than going for a lunchtime run. read more..

Inspiration-Exercisers-Lifespans-Red Wine-Alcohol

Afternoon Inspiration: Getting fit helped these folks extend their lifespans! Re...

Afternoon Inspiration: Getting fit helped these folks extend their lifespans! Read moving stories here.
Losing Weight Saved Our Lives! | Fitbie
Shedding weight helped these 8 inspiring individuals bounce back from the brink of obesity and disease read more..

Red wine has its benefits but alcohol can be hard on exercisers! Read this befor...

Red wine has its benefits but Alcohol can be hard on exercisers! Read this before heading to happy hour.
4 Ways Booze Wreaks Havoc on Your Health | Fitbie
Alcohol in your system is detrimental to any kind of fitness activity (except maybe on the dance floor). Here's how booze wreaks havoc on your regimen. read more..

College Football-Seal Of Approval-Chicago Bulls-Barack Obama

Obama gives college football playoff thumbs up

President Barack Obama gives his seal of approval to a college football playoff, plans to welcome his hometown Chicago Bulls to the White House as NBA champions sometime in the next "five years" and says he's "been on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon for a while." read more..

Publix Georgia Marathon-Registration Discount-Discount Code-Atlanta Hawks

Options To Run The Publix Georgia Marathon

In recent announcements it is clear you have many options with both registration and running the Publix Georgia Marathon or one of the other races that day.  Of course you have the option to run free by entering to win the current race entry giveaway right here on 26.2 Quest, but a very cool partnership with the Atlanta Hawks can give you a discount off of the current Publix Georgia Marathon Registration.When the Hawks win at home, runners benefit with a registration discount. Last night the Hawks won their game against the Portland Trail Blazers in a 92-89 victory which means that if you register today with discount code HAWKS you will get $3 off your registration since the point spread was 3 points.  Further information is available here about the Publix Georgia Marathon Sponsorship with the Atlanta Hawks.The third and final chance to get the Hawks point spread discount is following their game against the Cleveland Cavaliers this Saturday, January 21st, lets hope for a victory with a 110 point spread so EVERYONE can run the marathon for free!  Hey….. it could happen! (OK, so the discount is capped at $15 so no go)Another option that you have is to admit that you are not marathon ready and sign up instead for the Luckie 5k and Kids Fun Run sponsored by Cuties California Mandarins.  The family fun events will be run at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park on St. Patrick’s Day, the day before the marathon and half marathon.  More information is available about the Cuties Luckie 5k and other events on March 17th, or you can register now.Don’t forget, if you can’t find any other better option, you can always use the 262QUEST discount code when visiting the Publix Georgia Marathon Registration for $10 off of your registration.  This discount is only available for the full and half marathon races. Time to update your feed reader to something that says 26.2 Quest even more - read more..

source:26.2 Quest

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Alexander Chee

slaughterhouse90210:“Everyone expects a boy to be beautiful....

slaughterhouse90210:“Everyone expects a boy to be beautiful. It’s allowed. A man has so much else to do. You don’t trust a beautiful man.”
—Alexander Chee, Edinburgh**See Alexander Chee read tomorrow night at the Slaughterhouse 90210 Third Anniversary Party. read more..

Disgusting Things-Training Tools-Angry Birds-Human Hair-Poor Pigs

All apps aren't created equal. Leave those poor pigs & angry birds alone and dow...

All apps aren't created equal. Leave those poor pigs & angry birds alone and download one of these 8 training tools!
The 8 Smartest Apps for Fitness | Fitbie
Join the thousands of people who've logged millions of miles running and riding by turning their iPhones and Droids into a virtual training partner with these 8 apps read more..

Bread made w/ dissolved HUMAN HAIR and other truly disgusting things you're eati...

Bread made w/ dissolved HUMAN HAIR and other truly disgusting things you're eating without even knowing it...
The 5 Grossest Things You're Eating | Fitbie
Steer clear of these five foods at your local supermarket that put the gross in groceries. read more..

Students protest firing of college coach Paterno

Students protest firing of college coach Paterno

STATE COLLEGE, Pennsylvania (Reuters) - Thousands of Penn State University students took to the streets around campus overnight on Thursday to protest the sacking of their beloved football coach, Joe Paterno, in the fallout from a child abuse scandal and cover-up. read more..

The Returning Long Run Legs

The Returning Long Run Legs

It has been a long time since I have run a distance that I would previously call a long run.  My running has recently been cut back so much that I affectionately referred to even a three mile run as a “Long Run” not too long ago.  It doesn’t seem too long ago that I would talk about 10 miles like it was no big deal, even priding myself that I was perpetually in half marathon fitness – but then life happened.  Work and then ultimately injury stepped into the picture and I found myself sitting instead of running, even to the point that I went more than just a few days or weeks without lacing up for a single run.That time has now pastAfter many discouraging attempts at returning I am happy to say – that time has now past.  Simple one mile runs which left me sore the following day are once again nothing but a memory as I slowly test the long run legs ever so cautiously. Just one week ago the longest run I had attempted was five miles, but I am happy to say that the roads and trails have been nothing but accommodating with each new foot-fall.Yesterday a friend and I met for an early morning long run on some local trails.  He is running the Pinhoti 100 in just a couple weeks and I committed long ago to crew and pace him a bit.  The pacing will not be the previous agreed upon distance of 20 miles, but will be a challenge none the less.  We hit the trails at 5:30 and just ran until my body told me I was finished.…that run that reminds you that all is not lost, that you will returnI ran just shy of 9 miles, and really didn’t quit because I was tired or hurting, but rather because I had asked enough of my legs and if I continued to circle I would be tempting fate.  The run felt good, and yet was a push.  If it was nothing else, it was a confidence run – that run that reminds you that all is not lost, that you will return.As I continue to lengthen the long runs I will be thankful each time that I can run.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself that I am not as fast as others, or cannot endure as long, I will be thankful that each step will not be my last. Time to update your feed reader to something that says 26.2 Quest even more - read more..

source:26.2 Quest

Monday 19 March 2012


This is a daily work ritual.styleite:You go,...

This is a daily work ritual.styleite:You go, gurl.huffpoststyle:During the 2012 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, models removed their shoes lest falling or tripping. Check out our pinterest board to see our dedication to models who have tripped down the catwalk. (WireImage photos) read more..

Hot Bod-Heat

These sizzling Pilates moves will help you tone a hot bod (and heat up your sex...

These sizzling Pilates moves will help you tone a hot bod (and heat up your sex life!)
Body Toning Pilates Moves | Fitbie
Heat up your love life—and tone your body—with these four Pilates poses. Learn how to perform this workout and hundreds more on Fitbie. read more..

Flame Retardants-Sodas

What the WHAT? Some sodas contain flame retardants! Just another reason not to g...

What the WHAT? Some Sodas contain flame retardants! Just another reason not to guzzle a Big Gulp of bubbly junk...
3 Surprising Reasons to Give Up Soda | Fitbie
Higher cholesterol, hidden fats and an expanding waistline are just a few of the reasons to say no to soda read more..

Strawberry Jelly-Smooth Operator-Peanut Butter-Day Or Night-White Bread

Day or night, we will take a bite. Happy b-day Dr....

Day or night, we will take a bite. Happy b-day Dr. Seuss!nutropolitan:PB & SeussThe Cat in the Hat hat and tie die cuts made with white bread and alternating layers of Smooth Operator peanut butter and strawberry jelly overlying a Cat in the Hat graphic. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!Conceived By Lee Zalben
Photography By Theresa Raffetto
Food Styling By Matt Vohr
Bread By Orwasher’s read more..

Accountability Partner-Exercise Log-Daily Intake-Glasses-Tea

“Drink 8 glasses of water”, they say. In reality, any...

“Drink 8 glasses of water”, they say. In reality, any water-based liquid (tea, juice, coffee, etc.) will count towards your daily intake. Out of those three, tea has the most benefits for you. Drink some tea.keep the caption.
credit for the information (x) read more..

any tips on staying motivated, sweetie? :)

- Try something entirely new!
- Keep an exercise log to track your progress!
- Reward yourself!
- LIMIT but do not ELIMINATE
- Have an accountability partner.
- Turn off the negative self-talk.
- Donate your “fat” clothes. read more..

Muffin Top-Belly

Adios, muffin top. Hello, speedy 6-pack. This belly fat-blasting workout only ta...

Adios, muffin top. Hello, speedy 6-pack. This Belly fat-blasting workout only takes 15 minutes!
The (15-Minute) Belly Blasting Workout | Fitbie
Got a crazy-busy schedule? No worries (and no excuses!). This supercharged workout tones and trims your tummy in a flash read more..

Tater Tots-Sour Cream-Munchies-Sxsw

At #SXSW? If you get the munchies, stop by the TODAY Munchie...

At #SXSW? If you get the munchies, stop by the TODAY Munchie Mobiles. Papaquiles (eggs and hashbrowns w/salsa & sour cream), tater tots w cheese & peach BBQ sauce, cheesy grits & more. Seriously, yum.  Check out our times and locations and come get some FREE eats!And if you’re taking food photos at SXSW, tweet them with #TODAYSXSW & we’ll feature them on TODAY Food! read more..

Exercise Equipment-Special Equipment-Aerobic Exercise-Fitness Products-Aerobic Workout

Low-cost ways to shape up

Take advantage of everyday opportunities
You don’t necessarily need special equipment for an aerobic workout. With a little foresight, activities you may take for granted can become part of your fitness routine.
Step it up. Take a brisk walk every day, whether it’s a path through your neighborhood or laps in a local mall. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or make a full workout of climbing the stairs. Sneak in extra steps whenever you can by parking farther away from your destination.
Make a workout of household chores. Mow the lawn, weed the garden, rake the leaves or shovel the snow. Even indoor activities such as vacuuming and scrubbing count as a workout if you increase your heart rate.Join in the fun. If you have children, don’t just watch them play. Join them for a game of tag or kickball. Walk them to the park. Dance. Take a family bike ride. Go to a community pool. Even if you don’t swim, you can enjoy time in the water or walk in the shallow end.
Consider modest investments
If you’re looking for fitness bargains, these inexpensive fitness products may be a good bet:
Dumbbells. Dumbbells are small, hand-held weights that you can use to strengthen your upper body. They’re available in many sizes.
Resistance tubing. These stretchy tubes offer weight-like resistance when you pull on them. Use the tubes to build strength in your arms and other muscles. Choose from varying degrees of resistance, depending on your fitness level.Jump-ropes. Skipping rope can be a great cardiovascular workout.Fitness ball. A fitness ball looks like a large beach ball. You can do many core exercises, including abdominal crunches, with a fitness ball. You can also use a fitness ball to improve your flexibility and balance.Exercise videos, DVDs or podcasts. Create the feel of a health club aerobics class in your own living room — or choose a program that’ll help you improve your strength and flexibility. Pick a program that matches your current fitness level and is endorsed by a certified fitness instructor.Improvise
If you’d rather not spend a penny on exercise equipment, use ordinary household items for various upper and lower body exercises:
Canned goods. Many canned goods can serve double duty as hand weights.Milk or water jugs. Fill empty milk or water jugs with water or sand and secure the tops with duct tape. To adjust the weights as your fitness level changes, simply add more water or sand. If you wonder how much weight you’re lifting, weigh the jug on your household scale.Step stools. A low, sturdy step stool can become exercise equipment if you use it for step training — an aerobic exercise resembling stair climbing.
Be a savvy shopper
If you’re interested in a specific exercise class or piece of equipment, shop around.
Check out your local recreation department. Many recreation departments offer discounted fitness classes to local residents. If you live near a high school or college with a fitness center, ask if the facility is available to community members.Buy used equipment. Some sporting goods stores specialize in used equipment — or you can check out listings for exercise equipment in the local newspaper. You may also find great deals on used exercise equipment online. Just make sure the cost of shipping won’t put the item out of your budget.Share costs with a friend. Trade exercise videos or DVDs with a friend so that neither of you gets bored doing the same workout over and over again. Find a personal trainer who’ll let you share the cost of a session with a friend or two.Know what to avoid. Some fitness products aren’t worth buying, no matter how low the price. For example, don’t buy herbal supplements or other products that claim fitness benefits overnight or promise to melt away pounds without diet and exercise.
Remember, getting in shape doesn’t need to be expensive. Don’t get caught up in memberships or purchases you can’t afford. Instead, c read more..

Weight Loss Success-James Southerland-Diet And Fitness-Ncaa Tournament-Fitness Fun

NCAA Tournament Capsules

PITTSBURGH, Pa. - Reserve forward James Southerland had 15 points and a season-high eight rebounds, and Syracuse avoided becoming the first No. 1 seed to lose to a 16 when it rallied for a 72-65 victory over North Carolina-Asheville on Thursday in the East Regional. read more..

Think thin--literally! Why organizing your mind could hold the key to weight los...

Think thin--literally! Why organizing your mind could hold the key to Weight Loss success, here.
Organize Your Mind for Weight Loss Success | Fitbie
Flex your strongest weight loss muscle—your brain! Find out why a clearer, more organized mind can lead to a healthier, slimmer body read more..

Fitness IS fun. But for those who need a little reminding, here are 21 ways to s...

Fitness IS fun. But for those who need a little reminding, here are 21 ways to stay smiling while you sweat!
21 Ways to Make Fitness Fun | Fitbie
Get out of that workout rut and make your gym time fun time. Get the best Diet And Fitness tips so you can get healthy and lose more weight at read more..

Party Lifestyle-Clean And Sober-Matt Lauer-Lohan

Mean girl to clean girl? Lohan tells Matt she’s ditched party...

Mean girl to clean girl? Lohan tells Matt she’s ditched party lifestyle In an interview set to air Thursday, Lindsay tells Matt Lauer that she is “clean and sober” and she wants “to continue to move forward and in the right direction.”Lauer asked her if, when they spoke last, the actress was in denial. “Definitely,” Lohan said. “And I think it was — it’s a scary thing to have to kind of express to people … I wasn’t as comfortable with myself then. I think it was a fear factor that I had about what was really going on. And, you know, I had to get that wakeup call.” read more..

Sunday 18 March 2012

Fruits And Vegetables-Blood Pressure Levels-Pancreatic Cancer-Health Benefits-Types Of Cancer

Health Benefits of Red Fruits and Vegetables

The red color in fruits and vegetables shouts phytonutrients such as lycopene, ellagic acid, quercetin and hesperidin. Their phytochemical properties may be beneficial in regulating blood pressure levels, reduce tumor growth, lower bad cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Two powerful antioxidants– vitamins A and C may aid in preventing heart disease and are beneficial for various ailments.ApplesFresh, crisp apples are good sources of vitamin C and fiber. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that keeps the capillaries and blood vessels healthy, aids in the absorption of iron and protects the body’s cells from damage. Among the health benefits of fiber include: prevention of constipation, aids in weight loss and lowers your risk of digestive conditions. One medium apple has about 4.4 g of fiber.WatermelonsAside from its cancer-fighting lycopene, watermelon is also a good source of potassium, folic acid and vitamins B1 and B6. B vitamins in food have been found to reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. This ultra-low calorie filling fruit is one of the rare food sources of citrulline, an amino acid found to have Viagra-like effects to the blood vessels of the body. A cup of watermelon contains 176 mg of potassium.StrawberriesStrawberries are excellent sources of vitamin C and manganese. Manganese acts as a coenzyme to assist metabolic progression in the body. The mineral is also involved in forming connective tissues, calcium absorption, proper function of the thyroid, and regulates blood sugar level. This heart shaped fruit is also a very good source of dietary fiber and iodine and a good source of potassium, folate, vitamin K and magnesium.CherriesRed and tangy sweet cherries are packed with vitamins and minerals. They are low in calories and low in fat. This luscious fruit is one of the few food sources which contain a significant amount of melatonin, an antioxidant which has been found to help regulate the body’s natural sleep patterns, aid with jet lag and prevent memory loss. Red tart cherries were found to contain the phytochemical anthocyanin which helps ease the pain of arthritis and gout.RaspberriesPreliminary medical research showed that regular consumption of raspberries is beneficial in inflammation, pain, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergies and age-related macular degeneration. Their antioxidant property is highest among fruits. They are also excellent sources of vitamin C and manganese and are one among fruits with the highest fiber content.Red Bell PeppersRed bell pepper is packed with two powerful antioxidants—vitamins A and C. A cup contains 5244 IU of vitamin A. It is also an excellent source of vitamin B6, an essential nutrient for normal brain development and function, and helps the body make the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine (which influence the mood) and melatonin (which helps regulate the body clock). Red bell peppers also contain lycopene, lutein and zeanthin.TomatoesHere’s an everyday vegetable that’s loaded with more than 20 vital nutrients. For several years, the lycopene in tomatoes have been extensively studied for its antioxidant and cancer-preventing properties. Lycopene from tomatoes may be beneficial against a growing list of cancers including: colorectal, prostate, breast, endometrial, lung and pancreatic cancers. Tomatoes are also very good sources of vitamin B2 and chromium. Vitamin B2, also called riboflavin has shown to be beneficial in reducing the frequency of migraine attacks, and chromium has been found to help keep the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients under control. read more..

Vitamins And Minerals-Green Foods

It's almost St. Paddy's Day! And these green foods aren't just festive--they're...

It's almost St. Paddy's Day! And these green foods aren't just festive--they're packed with healthy nutrients.
17 Green Foods to (Sham)rock Your Diet | Fitbie
These emerald-colored edibles will fill you up with Vitamins And Minerals more valuable than a pot of gold read more..

Ncaa Tournament

North Carolina beats Vermont 77-58 in NCAA opener

John Henson had a great seat on the North Carolina sideline to watch his teammates advance in the NCAA tournament. The question is how long the Tar Heels will have to win without him, not to mention if his sore left wrist will heal enough to make him a factor in March at all. read more..

James Southerland-Syracuse

NCAA Capsules: Syracuse beats NC-Asheville, avoids unprecedented upset

PITTSBURGH, Pa. - Reserve forward James Southerland had 15 points and a season-high eight rebounds, and Syracuse avoided becoming the first No. 1 seed to lose to a 16 when it rallied for a 72-65 victory over North Carolina-Asheville on Thursday in the East Regional. read more..

UCF coaches: NCAA violations not systemic issue

UCF coaches: NCAA violations not systemic issue

A day after Central Florida's football and basketball programs were hit with allegations of rampant recruiting violations by the NCAA, the coaches of those teams maintained the problems are isolated and not systemic, and that they primed to move forward. read more..

Friday 16 March 2012

Barefoot Running Benefits-Barefoot Running Press

Barefoot Running with Michael Sandler

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about the 13.1 Atlanta race, I was lucky enough to meet up with Barefoot Runner Michael Sandler before the race.  Michael didn’t run the race because of some extensive traveling he is doing for his recent book launch, but he still ran up to me in his bare feet on Sunday morning in Town Brookhaven.It was fun to talk to Michael about barefoot running and some of the more interesting and difficult barefoot runs he has had.  One race he mentioned was one that he and a barefoot running group ran through some horrible road conditions.  Because the road was rough they all decided to hit the grass on the side of the road only to find that the grass was full of cactus and then so were their feet.Michael is currently traveling all over the country promoting his book Barefoot Running: How to Run Light and Free By Getting in Touch with the Earth which he wrote with his wife Jessica Lee, who is also a barefoot runner.Sandler explores every aspect of barefoot running in this comprehensive guide, including:Overcoming any inhibitions about running barefoot.The pros and cons of barefoot running and running in shoes.Maintaining your feet after the first few runs—tips and tools.Barefoot running for children—fitness benefits for children, dangers of footwear at a young age, ideas for playtime barefoot activities.Barefoot/minimalist shoes and other essential gear.Barefoot running benefits for seniors.Nutrition tips.Running in heat or the cold.Running on any surface.As mentioned in the Barefoot Running Press Release, Barefoot Running also chronicles Michael’s journey from a nearly fatal accident in 2006 that the doctors said would keep him from running again, to running 10 to 20 miles or more barefoot.More information about Michael, his wife Jessica, and their company Run Bare can be found at their website and you can also interact with them on Facebook at the Run Bare Fanpage, or on Twitter @RunBareCompany.Have you tried Barefoot Running or Minimalist Running? Time to update your feed reader to something that says 26.2 Quest even more - read more..

source:26.2 Quest

Knowledgeable Individuals

How Would You Rate Your Running Form?

Some people think they have near perfect running form and can be found talking about it all the time, while others haven’t even thought about it at all.  There is, however, a third group of runners that I like to think I can most closely relate to – those that think about running form and try to do the right thing, but are not quite sure if they are getting it completely right.This third group of runners may read books, magazines, and blogs and think they understand, but without a knowledgeable individual giving an honest assessment they can never be completely sure they are correctly implementing what they have understood from their research.  This is where I have found myself for so many years.  I am proud of what I do know, but truth be told I have a lot to learn.Kyle O’Day from Continuum Sports is one of those knowledgeable individuals I am talking about and this past Sunday night was our first of the “hands on” sessions in the sold out Running Form Clinic put on by West Stride in Atlanta.  What this meant was that my running form was starting to be put to the test so to speak.  I was a bit nervous, but excited at the same time to see what I was doing wrong and what I could do better.The evening started with a short run to a nearby track.  This was interesting given the busy roads that surround West Stride.  I am not used to dealing with that kind of traffic where I run most of the time, and so I was getting a little impatient having to wait for traffic lights.This first session was focused on posture and upper body form including arm and hand placement.  This brought back some memories of some techniques I learned while running Cross Country over 20 years ago, techniques that I still use today in my running.  We started working on some drills that we will incorporate in later lower body sessions.  It is a bit odd seeing adults doing drills.  I watch my daughter and her team as they do drills, however as far as adults go, I think too many of them don’t think about drills or chose to ignore them.  We are all so busy that we just head out the door and run – only to get upset and wonder why we get injured.Kyle watched us as we ran and worked on what we had been taught.  I was happy to be doing exactly what I was taught, but too bad that wasn’t because I have always had perfect form, but rather because I was really good at faking it while being critiqued. :)  It was good to hear that encouragement of a job well done, but I am still concerned on getting it right while I am out running on my own.  I guess that comes with time and lots of disciplined practice.How would you rate your running form?  Which group do you fall in?  Do you seek out knowledgeable individuals to help guide you in the right direction? Time to update your feed reader to something that says 26.2 Quest even more - read more..

source:26.2 Quest

Thursday 15 March 2012

Disappointment-Half Marathon

What Does it Feel Like to Not Run?

I am sure there are many ways to describe what it feels like to not run, but to a runner not many of the explanations are positive.  As runners we are always looking forward to the next run, sometimes even while we are running.  To our non-running friends we are talking as if we are from another planet we we stress about missing a run or when we long to run when something is keeping us from it.The year that just closed it’s doors is one that I will not miss when I think about running.  2011 was littered with pain, disappointment, and frustration when I discuss my year in running.  The year started off with disappointment, and never let up.When looking at my 2011 year in review on Daily Mile it tells the grim story.  In comparing it to my 2010 year in review on Daily Mile I noticed a few things.  My mileage wasn’t even half of what it was in 2010, and my higher mileage months were right around where my lowest mileage month was in 2010.The 12 month timeline tells a story, my story.  The story starts in March when things started to fall apart.  My mileage was looking good for the most part as I was training for my third marathon, the 2010 Publix Georgia Marathon.  I won’t revisit all the details, but an injury late in the marathon training forced me to take a couple weeks off leading up to race day, and ultimately dropping to the half marathon which was even run with some pain.I had an extremely hard time coming back from this thigh injury and the mileage never came back with consistent nagging from my thigh.  When I was finally getting past the injury I had trouble building the mileage back to where it needed to be because of fear of injury and just plain laziness. Summer was drawing to a close and the mornings were starting to cool off a bit, but August brought with it some extremely long hours at work which would prove to be one of the final blows to 2011 as a runner.  The long hours made it difficult to run, but one morning when I did make it out the door I was greeted with another even more crippling injury, my calf.  As the mileage shows I was lucky to run at all during the last quarter of the year, and in some cases went weeks without lacing up the running shoes.This year has taken it’s toll on my body and my spirit.  I have had a hard time writing about running when I wasn’t doing it, and felt like a hypocrite when I was eating unhealthy and putting on weight that I had not seen since starting this journey in 2007.  The clothes are tighter and the outlook is grim, but I am slowly trying to regain what I have lost, and lose what I have gained.  It has and will be a long road back, but I can only take one step and one day at a time.  It is amazing how hard it is to eat right when you are not being active.The latest on the running and injury is that I am slowly starting to run again.  Each time I tried to run before my calf would end up complaining and putting me on the sideline once again, but this time I am taking it much slower and using compression all along the way.  So far so good, but I am keeping conservative with my optimism.How do you describe your feelings when you cannot run? Time to update your feed reader to something that says 26.2 Quest even more - read more..

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Ncaa Tournament Brackets

Running down the NCAA tournament

Butler and Virginia Commonwealth defied the odds with Hoosiers-like runs to the Final Four last season, leaving a trail of ripped up NCAA tournament brackets across the country. read more..

Foot Strike

West Stride Running Form Clinic

This past month I was given the opportunity to participate in a Running Form Clinic offered by West Stride in cooperation with running form expert Kyle O’Day of Continuum Sports Solutions.  I, like most runners, am aware of my form, but I am never absolutely sure if I am doing it right.If you read much about running form you know that a lot of emphasis is put on foot strike and what type of shoe you wear or maybe don’t wear.  Too many times people try to fix their form and bent toward injury with shoes or other gadgets instead of seeking professional help with tuning up their form. Many runners don’t even think about form and it’s affect on injury, but rather think of it as a way to speed up and stay fresh instead of the premature fatigue most of us experience.  If only I can fix my form I will finally be able to set that new PR, or go that new distance.  While correct form will help both speed you up and take you further, the method to fix the form is once again approached wrong – many times with the focus being on shoes and foot strike.If you read my three previous articles on this clinic you have seen how much I learned in the four weeks we met.  I previously thought I knew running form pretty well.  I taught my daughter what I learned when I was in high school and was proud to watch her run with what I viewed as pretty good form.  I rarely questioned if my running form had anything to do with my recent and numerous injuries.The first of the four sessions was a show and tell with videos showing both incorrect and correct form.  Kyle also explained what we would be doing in the coming weeks to analyze and fix any running form issues we had.The second session was the first time we took the short run to a local track.  We talked a lot about our posture and how it is the basis for good running form.  We worked on learning some drills that we would continue to use throughout the entire clinic.  The drills helped ready us for the lower body techniques we would be learning later in the clinic, but also was helping us “feel” the posture we were currently working on.The third session started to incorporate some lower body form.  Kyle did not let us down when he had previously warned us that lower body form would be much harder to feel, and that most of us would not pick it up as quickly.  I was a perfect example of this, and I even served as comic relief for some of the West Stride group that was helping watch and correct us as we worked on what we had been taught.The fourth and final session pulled all the different things we worked on together as a package.  We all had the weeks between the sessions to work on our form and practice what we had been taught.  This last week gave us the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on how far we had come.  We once again used the drills to drive home the posture and leg action.In addition to what we had already learned, we worked on maintaining form while running hills, as well as changing tempo.  The final piece to the puzzle was foot strike.  Don’t let me mislead you into thinking we didn’t talk about foot strike often, but this was the first time we actually worked on it.  We spent a lot of time talking throughout the four sessions on how foot strike is more of a result of good form, and yet trying to change foot strike will not, in most cases, help with form.Working on this foot strike at the end gave everyone a good chance to work on their form, and many foot strike problems took care of themselves as the form was corrected.  What helped further was when a slight problem was detected with foot strike Kyle could point to the issues with the form that caused it, and it was easy for each runner to understand what needed to be done to further correct the foot strike.When it was my turn to have my foot strike analyzed I intentionally didn’t think about anything and tried to run as I did normally.  I wanted to see what my foot strike looked like without any correc read more..

source:26.2 Quest

Wednesday 14 March 2012


Harper the puppy is doing great – and doing lots of...

Harper the puppy is doing great – and doing lots of goodRemember Harper, the deformed puppy rescued from a garbage bag in Central Florida and given lots of specialized help by strangers? We decided to check in and see how she’s been faring since her rescue a little more than six months ago, aaaaaaaaaaand … good news! Harper the puppy is deformed no more. read more..

Meat Packaging-Saturated Fat-Protein-Situps

Picking out a healthy protein just got easier. A new USDA rule requires meat pac...

Picking out a healthy Protein just got easier. A new USDA rule requires meat packaging to feature nutrition facts like calories, Saturated Fat, and sodium. Will this help you shop smarter?Nutrition Facts Now on Meat, Poultry Products | Fitbiefitbie.msn.comA new USDA rule makes picking leaner cuts of meat easier for busy shoppers read more..

Getting a six pack is a lot more fun when situps aren't involved. Which of these...

Getting a six pack is a lot more fun when situps aren't involved. Which of these funky moves have you tried?7 Core Moves That Are More Fun Than Situps | Fitbiefitbie.msn.comShake up your abs routine with these moves, inspired from popular gym classes, belly dancing, even burlesque read more..

Big Ten strips Paterno name off league champion trophy

Big Ten strips Paterno name off league champion trophy

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The Big Ten stripped legendary former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno's name on Monday from the conference championship trophy in fallout from a scandal over alleged child sex abuse involving an assistant coach. "We believe that it would be inappropriate to keep Joe Paterno's name on the trophy at this time," Commissioner Jim Delany said in a statement. "The trophy and it read more..

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Alma Mater Sacramento State University-Thanksgiving-Finish Line

Run, Chipper, Run

Today’s post is the first guest post for 26.2 Quest.  The post was written and submitted in late November but if you haven’t noticed the posts have been few and far between this past month and I neglected to get it posted until now.  The post was written by Chipper Nicodemus who works for, and was written about his experiences leading up to and conquering a big PR in a Thanksgiving Day 10k.Running was always something I was forced to do. Baseball and wrestling were my sports in high school and running was never a reward we got for doing well. So you can imagine how foreign the idea of running for fun might be. Now several years later, I can say, much to my friends amazement, running is fun. Allow me to explain. For 3 years now my wife and I have been running in the local “Turkey Trot” 10k at my alma mater Sacramento State University. We did this so we could have a tradition to start following and to burn off some calories before we over ate on turkey and other traditional fixings. My usual training had been a handful of 3 mile runs about two weeks before the race. Needless to say, this left me gasping for air and useless for the remainder of the food gorging holiday. This was not fun running as I had claimed I participate in now. I vowed to make it different this year. A few life events prompted me to start running for fitness and fun. First off my weight wasn’t ever where I’d like it to be. I was always the ‘big guy’ in my group of friends. I’ve never really been in good shape since wrestling, and the idea of running several miles and being able to speak afterwards really appealed to me. So a full three months before the Turkey Day race I started changing my lifestyle. I downloaded the Lose It! app, and the ever so useful Nike+ app, took pics of my ‘before’ body and stepped on the scale. I watched this video on how to pick the right running shoes and I went to the local sporting goods store and picked up a new pair of running shoes, shorts and one of those fancy tech tees. I read up on Running 101.The next day after work I took of to attempt to conquer the hills of San Francisco. A mere 1.5 miles left I was about done. I could only muster around the same distance for the rest of my 3 runs that week. I set a goal for myself that every Saturday I would do my ‘push yourself’ longer run. My first push run was an excessively San Franciscan hilly 3 mile run, about half way through I realized I bit off more than I could run. Only a few weeks later I was easily handling 3 miles and working on some 6 mile runs. Every run I was hitting personal records for 10k without too my effort on my part. Here in San Francisco we are blessed with great running weather, so most of my runs were in perfect 60 degree weather. After several 10k and longer runs, I felt more prepared for the Thanksgiving Run to Feed the Hungry than any previous 3 years. Now it was race day.My alarm woke me up at 5:30 am, on a chilly Sacramento morning, working on just over 4 hours sleep. I got dressed in my favorite shorts and shoes, grabbed a few Gu packs and started hydrating. My wife and I headed out for my alma mater Sacramento State University, but not before a much needed stop at Starbucks for a coffee and banana, which has become my go to pre-run morning meal. We were parked and headed over to meet with our team Cal Fit for our pre-race picture. That is when a monkey wrench got tossed my way. Rain.I’ve never had to run in the rain before. Usually rain was a great excuse to get out of running, but today I was looking forward to the challenge. I tried to say dry as best I could with some help of some redwood trees. About 5 minutes before the start, I headed towards the ‘8 min/ mile’ sign, which was my stretch goal pace, but I was just shooting for a new personal record which would be below 55 minutes for the 10k race. The local radio jock was doing his best to cheer up the wet runners before the starting gun was shot. GO! I was off and des read more..

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'Let's go for a long ride Sunday; let's go to the mountains weekends; let's read books in front of fires; most of all, let's really grow together and find the happiness we know is ours.'

"Let's go for a long ride Sunday; let's go to the mountains weekends; let's read books in front of fires; most of all, let's really grow together and find the happiness we know is ours.": Love letters reveal Nixon’s sensitive side. Wow, who knew that Nixon was such a softie and romantic at heart? read more..

Weekend Festivities

Still recovering from weekend festivities? The more people exercise, the more th...

Still recovering from weekend festivities? The more people exercise, the more they drink, according to science. Who knew?
Running on Empty Bottles | Fitbie
Newsflash: The most dedicated exercisers are also some of the biggest drinkers. Learn about the surprising reasons so many women tighten, tone, and then tie one on read more..

Healthiest Cities-Hey Ladies-Hometown

Hey ladies! Did your hometown make the list of healthiest cities to live in?

Hey ladies! Did your hometown make the list of healthiest cities to live in?The Healthiest Cities for Women | Fitbiefitbie.msn.comWe located the places with the fittest, happiest females. Take a page from their lifestyle playbook--no matter where you call home read more..

NCAA launches investigation into Penn State over abuse

NCAA launches investigation into Penn State over abuse

STATE COLLEGE, Pa (Reuters) - The National Collegiate Athletic Association will investigate Penn State University's athletic programs in the wake of allegations of sexual abuse against a former assistant football coach, the university said on Friday. read more..

The North Face Endurance Challenge-Trail Runners

The North Face Endurance Challenge is in Atlanta

The much anticipated weekend for many Atlanta runners has arrived as The North Face Endurance Challenge arrives with it’s flurry of races.  Since this is only the second year the challenge will make it’s way to Atlanta I am sure there will be many who will be running it for the first time.  F.D Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain will no doubt be the place to be for Trail Runners and Ultra Distance Runners from more than just the surrounding area.This race was on my list for some time, but with my recent injury and lack of mileage lately I dropped it from my calendar.  A recent email prompted me to rethink that, but unfortunately I was not quick enough to get registered in time to join in the excitement. With races ranging from 5k to the elusive 50 miler there is a distance for everyone.  I have a lot of running friends who will be participating in different events this weekend.  One will be running his first 50k, two others running their first 50 milers, and one who is hopeful that she will be the one to break the tape after trudging through the woods for 50 miles.I am a bit bummed that I won’t be running, but there’s always next year.  Who knows maybe by this time next year I will be ready to battle the 50k or 50 mile distances….. we will see.Those that make it out this weekend will have the privilege of meeting  UltraMarathon Man, Dean Karnazes in person as he runs a little bit of each race.  I am wondering if he would have run all of the races in their entirety if they were not being run simultaneously. :)  Maybe he will chime in because I am sure he is a regular reader of 26.2 Quest. :)Will you be running the North Face Endurance Challenge in Atlanta this weekend?  If so, what distance are you running? Time to update your feed reader to something that says 26.2 Quest even more - read more..

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Monday 12 March 2012

Southeastern Conference Tournament-Ncaa College Basketball-Coach John Calipari

Column: Good storylines and some good NCAA picks

There's only one No. 1 team in the country, as the selection committee made clear in picking Kentucky as the overall top seed in the NCAA tournament just a few hours after the Wildcats were upset by Vanderbilt in the Southeastern Conference tournament final. No argument there. read more..

Column: Good story lines and some good NCAA picks

There's only one No. 1 team in the country, as the selection committee made clear in picking Kentucky as the overall top seed in the NCAA tournament just a few hours after the Wildcats were upset by Vanderbilt in the Southeastern Conference tournament final. No argument there. read more..